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eQuinox Product Features                                     

What does your law office accounting package do for you?
eQx Systems is confident that eQuinox will save you money, time and lower your administrative costs. Below we’ve outlined some of the features of the product. For additional details on these features please click here.
If you are a current client running on eQuinox v3.0 or lower click here to view how v6.0 will change the way your system works.



Your cash flow begins here. The single most time intensive administrative process in your firm is the creation of bills. It is therefore important that the software you choose to support billing in your firm is as flexible and efficient as possible.  


 Time Capture


Effective and efficient time capture can net your firm as much as 25% more work in progress. That's why we created two time recording interfaces -- one for the time conscious professional and one for the busy legal assistant. 


Accounts Receivable 


Bring your cash home sooner with eQuinox Accounts Receivable. All accounts receivable statistics for clients, matters, billing parties and timekeepers are right up to the second accurate and are always fully synchronized with the eQuinox General Ledger. 


Trust Managment 


eQuinox Trust Management safeguards your clients' funds and is consistent with stringent Canadian Law Society trust fund management requirements. eQuinox provides the ability to manage funds efficiently and effectively. 


Accounts Payable 


Efficient management of the annoyance of payables is key. eQuinox Accounts Payable is the key. 


General Ledger 


eQuinox General Ledger allows you to easily keep your finger on the pulse of your firm. 


Other Features include:  


Compatibility with 3rd party time and expense tracking software, conflict search, matter management, and much more!


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