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  The Benefits of eQuinox v6.0


The latest Oracle platform insulates eQuinox from other programmes and system changes in your office; this translates to more up time.


Accessibility through various Operating Systems

In the new environment remote access is easily accomplished. eQuinox v6.0 is installed on a virtual server in your office and is accessed through a secure URL

on any Java enabled device including Mac, Microsoft and Linux operating systems, and even your Blackberry. Secure and easy remote access allows you to

work from home, on the road or at a client’s office!


Enhanced Security

More robust backup and restore functionality are configured should you require disaster recovery.  The customer will still have responsibility for making backup

files and storing backup files at an off site location.


Seamless Transition

The look, feel and functions of the product remain the same requiring minimal re-training and downtime for conversion.


Fewer System Administrative Costs                        

The installation process is simplified because the client-side software is all but eliminated—allowing your IT people to focus on streamlining your operations.


Software Updates

We have made some minor, yet effective updates to the functionality of certain reports and forms. To review a complete list of reports that have been modified

please contact us, we would be happy to discuss this matter with you.


Integrated with Other Systems

eQuinox v6.0 continues to link to other software your firm uses such as Amicus, TimeKM, Copitrak, CarpeDiem and others.


Near-Zero Footprint

eQuinox v6.0 does not require complicated client side installation, minimizing your IT costs.



eQx staff are solely responsible for the management of the eQuinox v6.0 environment.


eQuinox v6.0 will allow your firm and employees to leverage our robust accounting functionality in an easy and reliable manner. We expect that the increased flexibility and operational functionality of eQuinox v6.0 will allow you to attain new efficiencies and lower your IT and administrative costs.