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   eQuinox v6.5 System Requirements

In our newest release, eQuinox Version 6.5, remote access is easily accomplished through a secure URL on any Java enabled device including Mac, Microsoft and Linux operating systems. This move away from a traditional client/server environment puts fewer restrictions on firms, by removing any potential compatibility issues with operating systems or other software programs.


System Requirements


eQx Systems will supply your firm with two* OVF (Open Virtualization Format) templates for VMware

Each template will be configured to use 8 GB virtual Ram, 4 virtual CPUs, and 64 GB of disk space

One server will be a fully configured OEL (Oracle Enterprise Linux) Version 7 Application Server (Oracle Weblogic 12c) 

The second server will be a fully configured OEL Version 7 Database Server (Oracle 19c); user data will be added.


The VMWare environment should be server class hardware and be supported by VMware.

 *or three OVF templates for VMware if the customer is unable to provide VPN access (Administration virtual PC)


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