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  Detailed eQuinox Features  



Your cash flow begins here. The single most time intensive administrative process in your firm is the creation of bills. It is therefore important that the software you choose to support billing in your firm is as flexible and efficient as possible.


  • Creation of many thousands of fee bills in minutes or single fee bills in seconds
  • Create 100% of your bills in final format using flexible formatting and electronic billing facilitated by the powerful XML EQX Billing engine
  • Automatic selection of some or all time and disbursements based on predetermined filters
  • Task based billing using UTBMS or user defined task templates (LEDES Billing)
  • Send bills to the client, multiple parties or someone other than the client easily and quickly
  • Alternate billing rates for time and disbursements
  • Flat fee billing or flat total billing options
  • Edit, transfer, write up/down of time and disbursements at billing time
  • Creation of new time and disbursement entries at billing time
  • Print or reprint bills at any point in time
  • Automatically distribute billings to lawyers based on predefined criteria
  • Automatically transfer funds from retainer trust accounts
  • Bill reversal returns all details to the matter
  • Need to get 18,000 prebills out in less than an hour? eQ Billing does it!



Time Capture


Effective and efficient time capture can net your firm as much as 25% more work in progress. That's why we created two billing interfaces -- one for the time conscious professional and one for the busy legal assistant.


  • Keyboard or mouse navigation for fast, efficient entry
  • Automatic selection of matter and timekeeper rates using the eQuinox Time Capture rate selection system
  • Automatic validation of tasks for UTBMS task billing matters (LEDES)
  • Capture of time for matters that have not yet been opened
  • Secure access to statistics for professionals
  • Custom verbiage expansion codes for each timekeeper
  • Entry of up to 2000 characters of time description
  • Selective posting of time entries to allow immediate billing of time entries
  • Query of time entries for as long as you have been using eQuinox
  • Drill down to transactions affecting each time entry including writeups, writedowns, transfers, billings, unbillings and rate recalculation
  • Selective historical recalculation of rates for unbilled time entries
  • Multiple running timers on eQuinox Time Capture Professional
  • Compatible with these third party products TimeKM, Amicus, Carpe Diem and others



Accounts Receivable


Bring your cash home sooner with eQuinox Accounts Receivable. All accounts receivable statistics for clients, matters, billing parties and timekeepers are right up to the second accurate and are always fully synchronized with the eQuinox General Ledger. eQuinox Accounts Receivable features:


  • Easy look up of up-to-the second on-line statistics complete with drill-down to details
  • On-line tickler system for centralized or decentralized management of receivables
  • Management reports that slice and dice the receivables information the way you need it -- with flexible aging pockets -- run by accounting period or transaction date as at any point in history!
  • Easy transfer of cash from eQ Trust Management to the firm bank
  • Can't find the account to which to apply the indeciperable cheque? Look it up by client, billing party, matter name -- even by total outstanding.
  • One step reversals -- Whether you want to reverse a single accounts receivable transaction or a bill with numerous applied transactions, eQ Accounts Receivable completes the work in one simple step.
  • Reminder statements formats are user definable using the powerful XML formatting capability and can be created by Client, Matter, Major Client and Billing Party



Trust Managment


eQuinox Trust Management safeguards your clients' funds and is consistent with stringent Canadian Law Society trust fund management requirements. eQuinox provides the ability to manage funds efficiently and effectively.


  • Multiple trust banks per matter
  • Invested trust management complete with rollover tickler system
  • Automatic hold of trust funds received by cheque to avoid overdraft of trust funds
  • Easy on-line access to all trust transactions by matter and by client
  • User definable format of trust cheques
  • Creation of deposit slips for trust deposits
  • One step cheque creation and firm receipt for trust transfer

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Accounts Payable


Efficient management of the annoyance of payables is key. eQuinox Accounts Payable is the key.


  • Easy distribution of accounts payable invoices to client files and general ledger accounts
  • Management of accounts payable terms
  • One step payment of invoices and cheque creation
  • Grouping of multiple invoices on a single cheque
  • Clean efficient reports including variable pocket aging and history reports


General Ledger


eQuinox General Ledger allows you to easily keep your finger on the pulse of your firm.


  • Office and department profit center management
  • Recurring journal entries
  • Multi-level general ledger structure
  • Cash, Accrual or Modified Accrual reporting
  • Easy on-line access to all General Ledger transactions complete with audit trail


Other Features


  • Expense tracking
  • Client expense
  • Firm expense
  • Conflict management
  • Matter management